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The Coffee Enema – A Liver Cleanser

The Coffee Enema – A Liver Cleanser

Based upon Dr. Max Gerson’s work.

More information is available in his book: A Cancer Therapy, Results in Fifty Cases

Coffee enemas rapidly help remove toxins from the liver. They often provide quick relief when one is fatigued, sleepy, has headaches, or is just feeling poorly. They also help against spasms, precordial (heart, throat, chest) pain and difficulties resulting from the sudden withdrawal of all intoxicating sedation.

A coffee enema, when done properly, causes the liver to produce more bile, opens the bile ducts, and causes the bile to flow. In this process, a toxic liver can dump many of its toxins into the bile and get rid of them in just a few minutes.This often gives great relief to all parts of the body, and often makes the difference between lying down feeling miserable and feeling good and being active. Coffee enemas are also effective in relieving pain. Patients with cancer, for an example, may achieve relief from pain even when drugs have failed.

At the start of the treatment and during “flare-ups,” the bile contains poisons, produces spasms in the duodenum and small intestines, and causes some overflow into the stomach. This may cause feelings of nausea, which could result in the vomiting of bile. If this happens, drinking a good quantity of strong peppermint tea will help wash out the bile from the stomach and bring relief.

It is interesting to note that drinking a cup of coffee has an entirely different effect from that of using it as a cleansing enema. Drinking coffee causes the following problems: increases reflex response; lowers blood pressure; increases heart rate; causes insomnia and heart palpitation; over stimulates the adrenals; irritates the stomach; and leaves a toxic residue in the body. A coffee enema, when done properly, will not produce these effects.

Preparing the Coffee Enema

Add 3 heaping tablespoons of ground coffee (organically grown coffee is absolutely essential*) to 1 quart of water (preferably distilled). Let it boil lightly for 3 minutes, then simmer covered for a total of 20 minutes. Strain and most importantly allow to cool to body temperature.

Do a cleansing enema, which is 2-3 bags of distilled water used consecutively. Then place the coffee solution in the enema bag, instill the solution while lying on your right side, with both legs drawn in close to the abdomen… breathe deeply, in order to suck in the greatest amount of fluid into the necessary parts of the colon. It also helps to let all of the air out of the lungs and suck the gut in and out while in this position.

The fluid should be retained for 12 to 15 minutes. It helps to have a clock or watch in view. Dr. Gerson found that all the caffeine is absorbed from the fluid within 12 minutes. The caffeine goes through the hemorrhoidal veins directly into the portal veins and into the liver.

When doing intestinal cleansing, one or two coffee enemas a week should be fine if, before the cleanse, if the person passed the pH tests. Otherwise, that person should drink fresh juices, especially carrot, beet and celery juices throughout the cleanse. An electrolyte supplement is even better to take. Great care should be taken if the person is water fasting. The bile that is released from coffee enemas contains many valuable mineral salts (electrolyte minerals). These need to be replenished. People who do several coffee enemas a day should be on a good diet of broths and fresh juices, to assure the replenishment of mineral salts.

*The Chemicals found in commercially grown coffee could damage the liver when used as a coffee enema. Use ONLY organically grown coffee!

Note: Two coffee enemas in a week during a cleansing period are good for most people – but not everyone. If coffee enemas make a person feel worse, even when using organic coffee, they should discontinue using them. Coffee enemas should be used with caution. Coffee enemas are stressful to the liver and too many of them can cause liver stress. After cleansing, coffee enemas should only be used as an emergency , not just to perk oneself up!

Coffee Enema – Frequently asked questions:

Q.  Do those who have a desire to continue coffee enemas have a toxic, sluggish liver?

A.  Even though coffee enemas flush the liver of toxins, the procedure is stressful to the liver and should be used sparingly.  Once the liver is functioning perfectly, there will be little or no reaction, including the feeling of relief, after a coffee enema.


Q:  How often should I do coffee enemas while cleansing?

A:  Coffee enemas are only recommended when a regular water enema has failed to relieve a severe cleansing reaction, such as headache or nausea.  It is also recommended that they be done only once or twice a week. Be sure the coffee is at body temperature!


Q.  I do not tolerate caffeine very well – I get seriously agitated and shaky, and sometimes mean. Will a coffee enema have this effect?

A.  Drinking coffee causes the following problems: increased reflex response; lowered blood pressure; increased heart rate; insomnia and heart palpitations, over stimulation of the adrenals, irritated stomach, and a toxic residue in the body.  A coffee enema when done properly will not product these effects.  It is the caffeine that makes the coffee enema work so well.  It is 100% useless without caffeine.   Read about it in Cleanse & Purify Thyself, Book 1.


Q.  Can you say more about how a coffee enema helps herbs into the portal vein?

A.  The caffeine acts as a carrier.  Caffeine stimulates and triggers permeability.


Q.  Does putting herbs that benefit the liver in a coffee enema help them absorb more efficiently?

A.  Yes.

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  1. RENEE

    I have colon cancer that has spread to the lymph nodes and have spots on my liver. I had surgery to remove the tumor blocking my colon and I have a temporary colostomy, I am doing natural protocols and I want to do coffee enemas to cleanse my liver, what I want to know is will the coffee enemas through my stoma work as well since it will not come in contact with my descending colon or rectum where I assume is where the hemorrhoidal veins ae located.

    • Avona

      Hi Renee, your question would best be answered by your attending naturopathic physician.

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