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Epigenetic Transgenerational Inheritance-How the Human Race is Being Mutated and What You Need to Know to Protect Yourself and Your Family

Epigenetic Transgenerational Inheritance-How the Human Race is Being Mutated and What You Need to Know to Protect Yourself and Your Family


David Crews, University of Texas and Dr. Michael Skinner, Washington State, headed a very important study funded by the US Army, which has shown extraordinary mutational effects of highly toxic chemicals commonly used in our society. These mutations occur at a critical point in our bodies; the epigenetic control center.

Epigenetic (epi- over, above, outer) is a term that refers to “that which is above or that which regulates or influences gene expression, DNA function, and various aspects of inheritance.” The term epigenetic was coined in 1942 by Conrad Waddington, and later in the 1970’s, became an established branch of science. Epigenetics is the study of heritable changes in gene expression that do not involve changes in the DNA sequence. Epigenetic mechanisms play important roles in development from a fertilized egg into a complex human being, as well as in aging and in various diseases (including Cancer).

Epigenetics regulate how genes are stimulated into affecting tissues and cells. Epigenetic modifications play a critical role in the regulation of gene expression and contribute to the development of multi-cellular organisms. Epigenetics can trigger the activation of DNA or prevent the activation of DNA and can actually change DNA. It can influence DNA to such a degree that it appears to have a similar function, it can cause a DNA-like effect physiologically and can cause changes in cellular structure and function.

These changes may continue through all cell divisions, for the remainder of the cell’s life and even throughout multiple future generations and possibly infinite generations even if there is no change in the underlying DNA sequence of the organism and all future generations. This means that if a part of your normal epigenetic system was mutated by a toxin and caused a special type of cancer, your children and their children and their children, etc. and etc. may also be subject to the same mutation and all future generations would develop the exact same cancer until finally the offspring’s died out.

An example of epigenetic transgenerational inheritance noted by Dr. Crews: Diethylstilbestrol (DES) also known as Stilboestrol®) is a synthetic form of the female hormone estrogen that was commonly prescribed to pregnant women to prevent miscarriage, premature labor, and related complications of pregnancy. Starting in 1939 through 1978, several million women were given this very dangerous drug during their first trimester of pregnancy under the lie, yes, lie, that it would prevent miscarriage and other complications during pregnancy. It was unsuccessful from the very start, proving that it was a lie, but was continually prescribed for 31 more years, even though they knew it never did what it was supposed to do, except make money and there is no denying that. Finally, in 1971 it was found that DES caused vaginal tumors in girls and women who had been exposed to this pharmaceutical drug. Now, knowing that it never ever did what it was claimed it would do and knowing that it was killing women and their offspring, it took 7 more years, 1980, to finally be banned by the Pharmaceutical Profit Agency, known as the FDA. Further studies indicated that DES also had the potential to cause a variety of significant adverse medical complications during the lifetimes of those exposed.

Like with so many other medical drugs, DES was a horror story of unimaginable proportions and did not stop with the mother. Besides causing nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps, bloating, loss of appetite, fluid retention, breast tenderness and enlargement, and diminished fertility and increased Auto-Immune Disease, rashes, loss of libido, depression, hair loss and sometimes Jaundice and blood clots. But the worst was yet to come; the epigenetic transgenerational inheritance aspect of this. It was found that this useless great wonder drug caused cancers and other abnormalities including infertility and urogenital mutations in the children that had been born from mothers who received the drug. Years later, the offspring of the children who survived their cancers also developed the same diseases. We’ve now seen 3 generations and these problems continue to be present in each new generation. Numerous studies now indicate that these epigenetic programs are permanently inscribed in all future generations.

Think about how much money was made not from the sale of this drug, but from all the people being treated for diseases that were caused by the drug. This is modern medicine doing what it was designed to do.

Note: DES or Stilboestrol Diphosphate is now known as Fosfestrol and its trade name Honvan is used today to treat cancer of the prostate gland. In spite of the horror it creates, it was just too profitable to be permanently banded.

This is but one example showing what is happening in our world today when we are exposed to certain chemicals and it is not confined to just pharmaceutical drugs. Everyone single person in our world has been exposed to chemicals that can mutate epigenetic regulation of our genetics; our DNA.

Some good news:

It is not that every single person who is hit by these chemicals will have the same effect; there are windows in every person’s life when we are more vulnerable. Thank God for that or we’d all be dead.

Our greatest threat:

The greatest threat that Dr. Crews and Dr. Skinner found are the following chemicals:

  1. Deet; used in bug repellents.
  2. Pesticides, herbicides and fungicides which are sprayed on commercially grown fruits and vegetables, commonly sold in all supermarkets and even in some health food stores such as Whole Foods. What have I been saying all these years? Buy organic!
  3. Chemicals in plastics; such as polycarbonates, BPA (Bisphenol A) and many other chemicals used in plastic water bottles, including baby bottles, plastic cups, saran wrap, plastic zip lock baggies, lining in cans found in grocery stores, plastic containers used in microwaveable dishware, baby food containers, baby bottles, food storage plastics and even the plastic coating used in metal water bottles.
  4. Hydrocarbon; naturally found in crude oil, which is in gasoline, car, truck and jet exhaust, furniture polish, household cleansers, butane and other fuels.
  5. Dioxins are exceptionally toxic and have been classified by the World Health Organization and scientists, as the most toxic chemicals known and are also found in pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, chemical fertilizers used in commercially grown produce, meat, fish, poultry, chlorine, fossil fuels, cigarette smoke, forest fire smoke and all known exhaust from cars, trucks, airplanes, jets, and boats. Cooking meat significantly increases the toxic effect of dioxins in meat and this is why meat, especially red meat and commercially raised fish, are the primary cause of Cancer in the Western World, until GMO’s came along. Dioxins are attracted to fat and fat in food and in our bodies accumulate dioxins. Some plants have dangerous levels of dioxins. Eating foxglove is often fatal because of dioxins.


Dr. Crews and Dr. Skinner found that the above toxins cause severe epigenetic damages that are also causing severe biological mutations that include cancer and a huge variety of other diseases in all generations that they have studied. Dr. Crews implied that he thinks that this may be the primary cause of the obesity epidemic, but it was found that another pharmaceutical drug was the main cause of the obesity epidemic; antibiotics.

The scariest part is that the epigenetic transgenerational inheritance affects appear to be a permanent epigenetic patterns that may never be remedied. This is so serious that a huge percentage of the human population has already been affected and it is feasible that a huge percentage of the human race is doomed to live a short life and millions of ancestral genetic lines could end forever. It is also possible, that if nothing is changed that the entire human race is at risk.


  • All artificially produced toxins are accumulative; they tend to remain in the body and they tend to accumulate because the body was never designed to use something so foreign.
  • Exceptionally harmful environmental pollutants and are affecting the DNA and epigenetic regulatory controls of numerous species of fish, animals and birds. Fish, animals and birds are slowly mutating because of the excessive amounts of pharmaceutical drugs coming out of people and entering the environment.
  • All these toxins can mutate our DNA and each generation gets weaker and more susceptible to damage.
  • Dioxins are exceptionally harmful environmental pollutants that are found throughout the world and accumulate in the food chain, mainly in the fatty tissue of animals and in chlorine. More than 90% of human exposure is through meat and dairy products, fish and shellfish. Protect yourself and family avoid eating animal products.
  • Dioxins are linked to all cancers, liver disorders, reproductive problems, birth defects, learning and developmental delays, endometriosis, immune system abnormalities, Diabetes, and they lower IQ or cause developmental delays and skin rashes.
  • Dioxins seem to impair the development of the human reproductive system.
  • Besides GMO’s, Dioxins are probably the primary causes of most cancers in the Western World and are the most potent cancer causing agents in the average person.
  • Heavy exposure can kill us, medium exposure can cause damage to the nervous system, lung infections, diarrhea, vomiting, rashes and discoloration of skin. The greatest concerns with dioxins apply to children and infants as dioxins can pass through the placenta or milk of the contaminated mother.

More about dioxins:

Health risks depend upon the degree of exposure and type of dioxin. High exposure will be felt immediately and lower exposures are accumulative. Dioxins weaken our immune systems and reproductive system, increases diabetes and significantly increase Cancer.

According to the Center of Health Environment and Juice, over 90% of all dioxins come from animal products. You cannot eat any amount of meat, fish, ice cream or dairy products without absorbing dioxins.


Dioxin Exposure

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