Should You Cleanse? A Must Read

June 8, 2015
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June 8, 2015 Anderson Richard

Should You Cleanse? A Must Read

If you desire to achieve an optimal state of health, I highly recommend completing a deep intestinal cleansing program. It is almost unbelievable how quickly some people overcome serious health issues by doing a simple but deep intestinal cleanse. Even those who appear to be in good health also benefit greatly from our Transformational Cleanse. Why is this?

When done properly a deep cleanse helps the body to eliminate pounds of toxins, acids, mucus, unnatural growths and a huge amount of mucus and congestion. Too much mucus in our body interferes with circulation of blood, brain, and lymphatic system. Deep cleansing not only improves circulation, but also significantly improves the immune system as well, rather dramatically I might add.

Observing the blood before and after the Cleanse reveals a significantly improved immune function and much cleaner blood. For an example: Measuring the movements of neutrophils before and after a Cleanse is utterly remarkable. Neutrophils are a type of white blood cells that seeks out unnatural debris and consumes them. Before a cleanse they move like a slug in the garden, so slow that they hardly seem like their even moving and after the cleanse they move approximately 6 to 10 times faster. Imagine what that might mean to you if your body was dealing with a pathogen.

Cleansing is well known for improving the digestive system, and this of course, benefits the entire body and mind. It is obvious that the digestive system, which includes the entire gastrointestinal tract, sometimes referred to as the gut, is the hub or core of our entire body. It feeds all our organs, our glands, and every single cell.

When the digestive system becomes sluggish, over-acid and toxic, as it does in over 80% of the US, it loses its integrity and the strength to function properly and to defend itself against parasites, pathogenic bacteria, yeast and fungus. Then we find digestive diseases and cellular mutations developing in the gut. Almost every disease in the gastrointestinal tract is associated with acids, toxins and stress.

It has been estimated that 80% to 90% of the public have a weakened digestive system, an altered gut microbiome (bacteria).

As acids and toxins accumulate in the gut, they can burn, damage or kill the cells along the intestinal wall, and the intestinal cells respond by secreting massive amounts of mucins. Mucins are glycoprotein solutions and very sticky and viscous mucus-like substance that are designed to adhere strongly to the intestinal wall. Each time the cells come in contact with more acids or toxins, another layer is formed along the intestinal wall. As long as acids and toxins continue to pass through the intestines and/or should they accumulate in the gut wall, the intestinal cells continue to create more layers of mucins.

Doctor Bernard Jensen, my mentor, wrote about a man whose colon had stretched to being 14 inches in diameter with a hole about the size of a pencil running through the center. That of course was an extreme case, but provides an image of how important it is to learn how to eat according the our human design as opposed to eating like pigs. A pig will eat just about anything that is put in front of them.

There are well over 100 clinical studies that describe mucin accumulations in the gut and how they are related to disease. The term mucoid plaque was created to define the unnatural accumulation of mucins caused by a highly toxic intestinal environment.

Once the mucoid plaque accumulates to a certain degree, major problems begin to occur. For an example: Too many layers of mucins can interfere with the natural muscular actions of the intestines (peristalsis) that are essential for moving food through the intestines in a timely manner. Though there are several different mechanisms that can cause constipation, this is the number one cause. Most Naturopathic physicians define constipation as having less than 3 bowel movements daily, that is, if you eat 3 meals a day. Ideally, if we eat 3 meals daily we should have 4 BM’s daily. When we first get up in the morning and about 30 minutes after each meal. When a person has less than one BM daily, they are definitely heading for serious chronic and degenerative disease.

When layers of mucoid plaque in the stomach reach a certain degree of thickness, there will be an interference with hydrochloric acid production and this is one of the primary causes of digestive disturbances and the inability to digest proteins properly. We cannot digest protein without hydrochloric acid, and when we cannot digest protein fully, then many undigested proteins will enter the body and be deposited in weaker areas of the body. After they accumulate to a certain degree, the body will do all it can to remove them and when it cannot, they become precursors to many diseases. Autoimmune diseases are one example among many.

Here are two examples of how important it is to have normal levels of hydrochloric acid. As early as 1975, 80% of people being treated in hospitals had no hydrochloric acid production. And in the 1918 pneumonia epidemic that killed an estimated 50 to 100 million people[1], most of the people who died were those who had no hydrochloric acid production.

Hydrochloric acid in the stomach prevents pathogenic microbes and parasites from entering the inner sanctum of our gastrointestinal tract. Though pneumonia is usually associated with the lungs, the body with a normal constitution can usually handle pneumonia until the pathogens get past the stomach (from a lack of hydrochloric acid) and contaminate the gut. When the gut is infected, then the immune system can be completely overwhelmed and then during a major epidemic, death is almost certain, unless the bowels can be cleared of the infection, the normal microbial environment restored and the immune system strengthened.

When layers of mucoid plaque reach a certain degree of thickness, the intestinal environment completely changes, and so do its inhabitants; the gut microbes. Everyone who has been breastfed established the natural-to-humans-microbes,[2] which are absolutely essential for a strong immune system, a strong constitution and a long healthy life. The natural-to-humans-microbes are absolutely vital for the final stages of digestion, and vital for us to acquire certain health essential nutrients such as the B Vitamins, and vital to maintain proper weight, to be lean and strong as opposed to being over weight, which is a precursor to disease.

Through the use of antibiotics or eating and drinking unnatural to human food, we lose the natural-to-humans-microbes. This is very serious and over 266 common diseases in our society have been directly linked with having lost the natural-to-humans-microbes given to us by our mother’s milk. Recent studies have shown that all people who are obese or overweight have a predominate population of bacteria that are lactic-acid producing (lactobacillus), the primary bacteria in over 95% of probiotics on the market today.[3] Studies now show that having a predominate gut population of lactobacillus eventually leads to obesity and all the diseases associated with obesity. Whereas, all lean and healthy people have a dominant population of natural-to-humans-microbes, which are the exact microbes that we receive from our mother’s milk.[4] Once again, Nature has proven Her wisdom to be vastly superior to so called human intelligence.

Though there are numerous causes for being over weight, antibiotics have now been identified as the primary cause of the obesity epidemic. This has been confirmed by a major study at the New York University School of Medicine.[5] The primary cause of obesity is the complete destruction of all the natural-to-humans-gut microbes and the introduction of unnatural to humans’ bacteria. It may take 2 or more decades to destroy your gut microbiome by eating unnatural to human food, but it only takes a few days with antibiotics.

Once your natural-to-humans-gut-microbes has been destroyed they will be replaced with species of microbes that are attracted to the intestinal environment you created. If your intestinal environment is full of toxins, bowel pockets, undigested substances, and diverticula, then you will attract certain types of reducer microbes that do not support your health, but join the process of decay. And once established it is no easy task to reestablish the natural-to-humans-microbes until after you have reestablished a natural clean gut environment that is free of toxic accumulations. Therefore: Cleanse & Purify Thyself.

Environment determines the specie that lives there. Trying to change the specie without changing the environment is close to impossible, and should one succeed, it will be only a matter of time and the old specie will return. We must change the environment and then you can change the specie. This is why deep intestinal cleansing is so important!

When layers of mucoid plaque reach a certain degree of thickness, the ability for digestive enzymes to mix with food is inhibited. Imagine the food you eat has moved into the upper small intestines where the pancreatic and bile duct secrete their juices needed for proper digestion. These juices and the 22 other digestive enzymes secreted throughout the small intestines must enter the gut lumen to mix with your food and help digest the meal. But if the juices are met with layers of mucoid plaque and cannot contact your food, then you will not be able to fully digest your meal and undigested foods become toxins to your body.

One study involving infants that suffered from poor digestion. Biopsies revealed that the children had abnormal accumulations of mucin and the doctor was convinced that these children were unable to digest their food properly because mucin accumulations prevented the enzymes from contacting the food.[6]

Food cannot be digested without enzymes. When undigested food remains in the intestines some becomes trapped in pockets called bowel pockets and if one eats commercially grown food instead of organically grown food, highly toxic chemicals such as pesticides, fungicide, herbicides, lead, arsenic, cadmium, sulfates and other highly toxic chemicals, most of which are carcinogenic, combine with mucoid plaque and accumulate in the bowel pockets. Some of these poisonous particles seep through the plaque and stimulate the intestinal wall triggering more mucins to add additional layers of mucoid plaque. Some will be picked up by the blood and will weaken the liver and some may get past the liver and settle in the kidneys and other parts of the body causing weakness and dysfunction at that locality. In many cases the body will attempt to remove these undigested substances through fermentation, which creates additional acids, free radicals, and attract specialized reducer organisms (microbes) that help remove the toxic sludge, mucus and pus, but simultaneously harms our body.

With all of the above going on it is no wonder that so many people have constipation. When we are constipated what moves the food? Pressure of course, from more food coming down the intestinal tube. When there is too much pressure in the intestines you can develop a major stretching of the intestinal wall, especially in the colon.[7] This forces toxins and other materials never meant to enter the tissues to enter the blood and lymph and poison the entire body in abnormal ways. The first sign of systemic toxicity is chronic fatigue.

This pressure can also cause bowel pockets, which weaken tissues, to stretch and expand exterior to the gut wall. This is diverticulum, which is described as an abnormal sac or pouch formed at a weak point in the wall of the alimentary canal.

The Merck Manual (medical doctors bible) states that diverticula are present in 30 to 40% of persons over age 50, and their incidence increases with each subsequent decade of life, and that those who live long enough, diverticula will be present in close to 100% of the American people. Of course this does not include people who cleanse themselves, nor those who eat naturally.

You should now be able to imagine how horribly filthy most people’s guts have become and why is so many people attract worms and parasites, and why unnatural growths such as polyps are created and how extreme toxic matter and acids are the forerunner of diverticulitis, liver diseases, cancer and heart disease and why some of the greatest doctors in the world have said that 90% of all the diseases in our world can be traced to the intestines.

My friend and mentor, Dr. Bernard Jensen, one of the physicians to Mahatma Gandhi, the King of Hunza and many Hollywood stars, was the only doctor in the world that was awarded the greatest doctor in the world award, stated: “The name of a disease depends upon where the poisons settle. Thus, from the same source, the same cause, various names of disease are given.”

Cleansing has become popular, not just because of the benefits, but because of the amounts of mucoid plaque that are removed from people’s intestines during a truly effective cleanse. As I said, mucoid plaque is a substance that is formed by the goblet cells secreting mucin in the stomach and intestinal tract, when the epithelium wall of these organs are under attack from toxins and acids and parasites. This is an automatic defense system. We have millions of these glands throughout the entire gastrointestinal tract that, when under attack, secrete mucins.

These conditions cause a rapid cascading or plummeting of health. An example is when we cannot digest food efficiently, there will be deposits of undigested proteins and carbohydrates that will settle in weaken areas of the body. As these deposits accumulate we become susceptible to inflammation, yeast, fungus and mold infections, Leaky Bowel Syndrome, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), invasion of pathogenic microorganism, parasites, and ever increasing accumulations of toxicity in the intestines, liver, kidneys, brain, and practically any organ is directly linked to toxicity in the bowels. This means a weakening of every part of the body.

In America, many people have become addicted to eating an unnatural-to-human diet of over-processed, devitalized unnatural food, which is high in fats, way too high in protein, deficient in minerals and vitamins and other nutrients. Most of this food is commercially grown and has been grown unnaturally and contains pesticides, herbicides and fungicides, which are all highly toxic poisons designed to kill something. As if that were not enough, they are grown on soil that contains high amounts of lead, arsenic and other highly toxic heavy metals, which had been used in pesticides and fungicides as the chief killing agent, and which contaminated the soil and which gets absorbed into the food. Commercially grown produce is generally grown on damaged and depleted soil that’s even deficient in the natural microbes needed to help plants absorb vital nutrients.

As though commercially grown food wasn’t damaging people fast enough, most of the commercially grown food is now grown from GMO[8] seeds, which is the worst of the worst, the most diabolical offense against mankind, God and Nature that has ever occurred in the history of the world. GMO plants are forcing nature to mutate and no one can predict the damage this will cause in the future. GMO foods, along with all the unnatural poisonous chemicals in the air, water and soil, and pharmaceutical drugs, have put the human race and all living things at risk. This is all in the name of greed, money and power.[9] Some of the GMO food contains the most cancer-causing substance ever found in food.

Eating commercially grown food, which is deficient in critical nutrients and contains toxic chemicals along with other unnatural food choices, such as processed foods, commonly causes the bowels and the whole body to become unnaturally acidic and toxic. These are the primary causes behind the accumulations of mucoid plaque and the advancement of diseases.

As the bowels become toxic, the body’s blood supply also becomes toxic. It is impossible to have clean blood and a clean liver when the bowels are toxic. Dirty intestinal tract is a major contributing factor in liver problems. This is because when blood travels from the intestines, carrying the necessary nutrients to feed all the body’s cells, tissues and organs, it must pass through the liver, before it reaches anywhere else. Thus the liver becomes increasingly sluggish as it attempts to process relentless toxicity, day after day, year after year.

A well-functioning digestive system and liver is the key to a long and vibrant life. There are more than 500 known functions of the liver, many of which are essential for life, and all of which are essential for good health and vitality. Long before the liver begins to weaken, the bowels are already excessively toxic and sluggish. Cleansing the bowel allows the liver to release built-up toxins. Until toxins are gone, no organ can cleanse and strengthen itself. Cleansing the intestines is the first and most important action to cleansing the liver and every other organ and all the way to the cells. Intestinal cleansing is the most important thing we can do for the liver.

Trying to cleanse the liver with herbs or anything else without cleansing the intestines, is like trying to clean your clothes in the washing machine while using the same water you have been using for the last year. You just move the filth to another locality.

The number one report we hear from people who used my cleansing programs is that they have significantly more energy. It is also common to feel a profound increased sense of well-being, improved skin appearance and greater mental clarity, release from pains and other discomforts, are common testimonies. Constipation is greatly reduced or completely gone. Those who meditate tell us their meditation deepens. Many people feel a much deeper and closer feeling with the Divine. The testimonies reflect a broad spectrum of benefits and experiences, ranging from mild to profound.

Over the last 30 plus years I have always been truly amazed at how many people find that during the deepest part of the cleanse, especially the Master Phase, many people recall past unresolved traumatic memories. Upon their next release of mucoid plaque, the trauma is completely released forever. What follows is usually the elimination of some form of a long-standing health issue.

We theorize that unresolved memories become stuck in the proteins in our body, such as mucoid plaque, and when a piece of mucoid plaque releases from the intestinal wall, the unresolved emotions emerges. Once it leaves the body, the emotion vanishes and along with it a significant health issues also vanishes. This lead me study how emotions influence our health. What I found was very profound.

Fortunately, cleansing is relatively easy. It’s a perfect, health-enhancing solution for those who want to experience greater energy and better health.

For more information I recommend that you read my book Cleanse & Purify Thyself.

Richard Anderson


[1] One estimate claim that 500 million people died during that pneumonia epidemic which was also called the Influenza epidemic.

[2] Natural-to-humans-microbes are the friendly bacteria given to us by drinking fresh, raw human mother’s milk. There is no substitute for mother’s milk. Pharmaceutical formulas, soy formulas and pasteurized cow milk are the worst of the worst baby milk substitute. Next to fresh mother’s milk would be fresh raw goat milk an/or carrot juice.

[3] Lactobacillus bacteria have their place in helping people over come serious pathogenic infections, but they should not be allowed to become the dominant gut bacteria in humans. Lactobacillus bacteria are designed for animals, not humans.

[4] To my knowledge my self and one other doctor in Japan are the only two people who have created a probiotic formula that helps establish a predominance of natural-to-humans-microbes in our guts. To me, this is almost unbelievable because it is so obvious what we really need in our guts.

[5] Microbiome and Obesity – Martin Blaser, Departments of Medicine and Microbiology, New York University School of Medicine Department of Biology, NYU, New York Harbor VA Medical Center

[6] Poley, J. Rainier. “The Scanning Electron Microscope: How Valuable In The Evaluation of Small Bowel Mucosal Pathology In Chronic Childhood Diarrhea?” Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition, 1991; May-June; 7(3), pg. 386-394.

[7] How many times have you seen the belly of men, women too, look like they are ready to give birth to a horse? The protrusion of people’s guts is a definite sign that their health has greatly deteriorated and is going down hill very quickly. These are the kind of guys who get colon cancer. Remember John Wayne’s belly; remember how many tumors were found in his colon? He killed himself with his fork.

[8] GMO – generically modified organism

[9] In the last 10 years over 200 species of animals, birds, fish, and insects have become extinct, per day!

[10] A word about “Natural.” Beware of all labels that state that the product is “natural.” Consider the word Natural on food labels as a warning telling us that it is not organically grown. A product label might state, “made with 100% natural ingredients,” or “made with 100% organic ingredients.” The “100%” claim often refers to one or two ingredients, which are “100% natural,” or “100% organic,” even if other ingredients are synthetic!

This is deceptive and dishonest advertising. Technically the product is “made with” some small amount of all natural or organic ingredients so the claim is true, even though misleading and may even contain highly toxic elements such as MSG and other unnatural ingredients. “Natural” food labels can mean just about anything; they have no nutritional meaning whatsoever and are ignored by the FDA.

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    Thank you for staying in contact with your customers. This article inspires me to return to cleansing. The several cleanses I have done in the past helped me alot – more energy, beautiful skin, and less constipation.
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  2. I love the information in the book and on the website but i am a little confused. Do i construct my own cleansing program out of what i have learned or did i overlook your cleansing program in the book? I have done the Master Cleanse The Lemonade Diet by Dr. Stanley Boroughs plenty of times and it works well with my body but it doesn’t go deep enough.

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