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Cleanse And Purify Thyself

Richard Anderson and his friend White Crow discovered the amazing benefits of a combination of herbs in 1986 during a 90 day wilderness expedition. While living on foraged wild herbs they experienced an unexpected and almost unbelievable cleansing. Volumes of dark leather-like “mucoid plaque” were released with each bowel movement. Their energy increased exponentially. Their minds became sharp and clear, a profound sense of wellbeing and an endless flow of love and joy permeated all of the cells of their bodies. And, their awareness expanded beyond imagination.

An important question quickly arose: based upon the herbs found in a very special meadow, could a formula be developed that would benefit others? Now, many years later, tens of thousands of people have enjoyed Richard’s cleansing programs. The majority have received amazing and profound benefits.

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Informative, fun and easy to read
Valuable resource for experienced and new cleansers
Learn what to expect and how to prepare for a potent and deep cleanse
Learn what nutrients you need to build before a powerful Cleanse
Learn how to Customize your cleanse for maximum benefit
Discover Key components for a successful cleansing experience
Find out how to comfortably break a cleanse
Read Answers to commonly asked questions about cleansing, vital health information on digestion, diet, parasites, bacteria, pH and more.

Richard Anderson

About The Author

Richard Anderson grew up exploring the Cascade Mountains of Washington State. His love of nature and natural ways of living lead him to study herbalism, iridology, natural healing, and microscopy with some of our greatest legends in the world of natural healing: Dr. Bernard Jenson, Dr. John Christopher, Gaston Naessens, and others. His medical research and writing earned him honorary ND and NMD degrees from International University in 1992.

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Cleansing & Spirituality

Richard regards Cleansing as a deeply spiritual experience. Interestingly, the second most common testimony received from Cleansers over the decades is that they feel closer to God. The most common comment is the experience of vastly more energy. Other common testimonies include greater endurance, mental clarity, deeper meditation, improved digestion, smoother skin, reduced stress, aches and pains, increased happiness and overall better health.

This very popular article from Richard Anderson can
change your life. Learn about mucoid plaque and why
you would want to remove it from your body.

When done properly a deep cleanse helps the
body to eliminate pounds of toxins, acids, mucus,
and a huge amount of mucus and congestion.


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