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Steps to Take Before You Cleanse

Steps to Take Before You Cleanse

Read Cleanse and Purify Thyself, Book 1: Knowledge is invaluable! To take full responsibility for your health, it is essential that you understand as much as possible about the cleansing process. In addition, you would be wise to acquire the booklet, “Cleansing Reactions and the Healing Crisis.” These will answer most questions, and help to give you a big picture on your own personal journey to vibrant health.

Consider your diet: If you eat meat, use processed foods, pasteurized dairy products, table salt, white sugar, alcohol or coffee, it would be very helpful physically and psychologically and make your cleanse easier to start 1 to 3 months in advance before cleansing to gradually eliminate these foods from your diet. Doing this will lessen the stress on your internal organs, and give you more time to adjust to new eating habits, to assure success when you cleanse. It will also help your body to begin working to balance the pH, as all the foods you are leaving out are acid-forming. It is suggested to start by leaving out alcohol and meat, then dairy, then wheat products, then coffee and soft drinks.

Test your pH: You MUST pass the pH tests before cleansing or fasting. Please take the pH tests as described elsewhere in this blog or Cleanse and Purify Thyself, Book 1. Every physiological, chemical and metabolic activity of the human body is dependent upon electrolyte minerals. A deficiency of electrolytes has a corresponding reflection of suppression and dysfunction. Electrolyte deficiency means cells and enzymes cannot function normally. Toxins accumulate, tissue and organs cannot heal and disease progresses. pH tests are a means which allow us to measure electrolyte reserves. This is critical information because we should not attempt to cleanse, fast or do strenuous exercise during a time when the body is electrolyte deficient. To do so may cause unnecessary difficulties, which may result in future health problems or disease. You would be surprised how many people are deficient in electrolytes. I believe that with the exception of thoughts and feelings, electrolyte deficiency is the first step in heart disease, cancer, AIDS, and most of the other chronic and degenerative diseases. It is also the first and most important thing to correct. Though the body can compensate for electrolyte deficiencies, it pays a high price. Don’t be without a full reserve of electrolytes – ever!

Be Aware of Cleansing Reactions, and Choose a Program Your Body Can Handle.

Many people who have fasted or done colon or intestinal cleansing have experienced cleansing reactions. Cleansing reactions occur because the out-put of toxins is greater than what the liver, kidneys and other organs can handle in a specific period of time. It is not unusual for people to have skin eruptions, running noses, faster heartbeat, fatigue, feeling tired, minor nausea and headaches. It is also not unusual to re-experience pains and emotions of the past.

When we consider the fact that these are signs of potential disease conditions and that they are now being removed from the body, then we should be well pleased; it means better health in the future. For more information, read the booklet, “Cleansing Reactions and the Healing Crisis”.  The key, however, is to allow these toxins to be removed at a pace in which they will not cause any more stress on our bodies than is absolutely necessary. Many years ago I believed that when fasting or cleansing one should “tough it out” when cleansing reactions occurred. Although most people will experience minor cleansing reactions, I am now completely against allowing ourselves to experience harsh cleansing reactions. When cleansing reactions become uncomfortable, slow the cleanse by going to a milder phase.

What to Watch for…the main cleansing reactions to be concerned about are extreme headaches (beyond what may be normal), unusual weakness, diarrhea, and nausea to the point of vomiting. Each of these symptoms could indicate that something unusual is affecting the liver or/and kidneys, and these organs cannot adequately handle it. In this day and age, we do not need to stress our liver or any of our organs beyond what we have already experienced. If any of these things should happen to you,back off.*

If you’re on the Master Phase, go to the Power Phase or even the Gentle Phase until you feel better and then, go on to a deeper phase when you are ready. It may take longer, but you will feel better and your organs will do better.

*Please see your health care practitioner if you do back off and for some reason your symptoms continue.


– We can accomplish the same goals without “toughing it out.”

– We can feel better when cleansing by choosing a more gradual program.

– There is no benefit in over-stressing the liver, kidneys, electrolyte reserve, etc., by provoking harsh cleansing reactions with an overly zealous program.

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