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Raw Food Diet vs. Cooked Food

Raw Food Diet vs. Cooked Food

“Attunement with the Divine Will is the most important factor in attracting success.”

Paramahansa Yogananda


Devitalized Food (cooked food) Devitalizes Our Bodies and Our Minds

Our bodies are designed to partake of raw foods only. Foods that have been cooked, frozen, canned or processed are dead foods, or actually not foods at all. Cooked foods are poisons to us. Now I realize that the average American has not reached the point where he will accept or understand this but I say it anyway: My own true definition of a food is a substance that nourishes or fuels the body with life-giving force (i.e. enzymes, electric or vital energy, chlorophyll, minerals, vitamins, etc.), thereby strengthening, energizing and building it, without depleting or causing any hindrance to its functions.

Food is not simply something one puts in the mouth, chews, and swallows. Food should not deplete or rob the body of its needed essence or harm it in any way. Dead or dying foods take an enormous toll on the body.

Consider these facts about cooked, frozen, canned, and processed foods: 

  •     they have been depleted of most vitamins
  •     they create toxins
  •     they drain the life force from the body
  •     they harm the constructive bacteria in the intestines
  •     they produce harmful bacteria in the intestines
  •     they poison the bloodstream, thereby feeding disease
  •     they clog the body’s lymph system
  •     they drain the body’s enzyme reserve
  •     they overwork and clog the elimination systems
  •     they strain the glandular system, especially the endocrine glands
  •     they overwork the digestive system
  •     they cause stress, congestion and mucus
  •     they produce the ideal environment for parasites
  •     they lower our consciousness, our vibration

The Pottengers Cat Study parallels similar human studies. The basic summary is: cooked food is poison to every animal on earth, and humans are not excluded. Notice that God never issues stoves when He creates people. Cooked food is unnatural (maybe “normal” but not natural) to the human body however, in our society there are even more unnatural substances that cause worse damage than cooked foods.


I believe if we really want to be healthy, strong, and 100% free of disease, we all need to eat raw food that has all its natural ingredients, which is usually found only in food organically grown in naturally balanced soil. However, if everyone in our country went on a raw food diet, what do you think would happen? Most people would get very sick. Some might even die. Most people cannot handle raw foods because their digestive tracts have already been ruined. People need to rebuild the digestive system, and before they can do that they must cleanse the digestive system. This includes cleansing and rebuilding the liver, the pancreas, and the stomach. And, these things can only be done after building up their alkaline reserves.

Very few people in the world today can switch over to eating only raw foods for two reasons: 1) Due to generations of eating cooked foods we have lost the enzymatic and bacterial ability to adequately digest and assimilate raw food. 2) We have damaged our digestive systems. Cleansing is the first step towards rebuilding the digestive system. Other steps may include reeducating the body to create enzymes that will digest raw food.

Remember this: Only healthy people can live entirely on a raw food diet.

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