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Pioneers of Cleansing: Dr. Bernard Jensen and Dr. John H. Tilden

Pioneers of Cleansing: Dr. Bernard Jensen and Dr. John H. Tilden

Two of the pioneers of cleansing were Dr. Bernard Jensen, (March 25, 1908 – February 22, 2001), and Dr. John H. Tilden, (January 21, 1851 – September 1, 1940).  Here is some interesting background information on them.

In his textbook on Iridology, Dr. Jensen explains, “Besides these world-renowned exponents of intestinal sanitation, other authorities have given recognition to the belief that cleanliness of the colon is necessary to good health.  It is believed that disorders such as appendicitis, infected tonsils, liver and gallbladder infections, dysfunction of the heart and blood vessels, sinusitis, arthritis, and rheumatism, etc., no doubt have their origin in a sluggish colon.”

My experience proves that he is absolutely correct, but I would add one thing – it is not just the colon; in fact, even more vital, is the small intestine.  It is important to keep this in mind.  If you do a cleanse, be sure it will clean the small intestines, not just the colon.

“In the 50 years I’ve spent helping people to overcome illness, disability and disease, it has become crystal clear that poor bowel management lies at the root of most people’s health problems.”  Dr Bernard Jensen, DC, ND.

Note:  In the 70’s, Dr. Jensen’s success rate with cancer was over 70% and with leukemia it was over 40%, and this was a time when modern medicine had a 0% success rate.  Dr. Jensen was nominated for a Nobel Prize but was stopped by pharmaceutical influence, as he never used drugs.  His success came via cleansing the body, improvement in diet, supplementing with nutrition and herbs, and improving his patients attitudes. He perfected Iridology to the point of which it became a successful tool among many thousands of doctors and other practitioners.  I am happy to say that he was one of my mentors.

In the early 1900’s, during the worst pneumonia epidemic America had ever seen, which was at that time the number one killer, Dr. John H. Tilden of Denver, Colorado had the highest success in healing pneumonia of any other medical doctor.  During that epidemic most doctors lost hundreds of patients to that deadly plague. Dr. Tilden, however, even though he had more pneumonia cases than any other doctor in the country, never lost a patient.  What made him different?  He used no drugs and he cleansed the colon of each patient, used water therapy, and administered natural live foods.  His success was considered miraculous because other doctors, who were relying on drugs, continually met with failure

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