March 4, 2015 Anderson Richard

Mineral Rich Vegetable Broth

How to Make Mineral Rich Vegetable Broth

Take 3 quarts of distilled water and add 3 medium to large whole potatoes, 2-3 stalks of cut celery , and 1 or 2 large leaves of any greens, such as collard, mustard, kale, turnip or a half bunch of parsley. Even carrot or beet tops will do. Whatever is green. You could even add kelp if you wanted, as it has high concentrates of a wide variety of minerals. Use a stainless steel pot and bring to a light boil with the lid on. Simmer for 15 minutes. Remove from the heat, and after it has cooled a bit, strain and throw out chunks, keeping only the juice. Refrigerate. Drink 2-3 cups per day.

Alternate Powerful Methods of Getting Minerals into Your Body to Remove Acids

A Goat Whey Drink: 1 heaping teaspoon of goat whey and 2 heaping teaspoons of lecithin granules (be sure the label says 95% phosphatides). Put into a cup of warm distilled water, stir and drink.

Adding goat whey to your carrot juice is excellent.  Drinking carrot or celery juice for a week or two will do wonders.

Eating just celery for 2 or 3 days is an excellent way of getting sodium into the system and balancing the digestive system. A psyllium shake once or twice a day will improve this program.

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