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Liquid Minerals – Mineral Deficiency

Liquid Minerals: A Fundamental Necessity for Perfect Health

and the Electrical Potential of Divine Expression

According to the U.S. Department of Health in 1982, America was known to be one of the sickest of 100 civilized nations on earth. America ranked 95th in relation to chronic and degenerative diseases; only 5 countries were worse off than America!  In 1987, it was revealed that America had dropped to the bottom of the list – number 100.

It has been recorded that 40% of the people who say they feel “good” actually suffer from a chronic disease. It is a well-known governmental fact that more than 99% of Americans are deficient in minerals that are required for the maintenance of a healthy body. Why are minerals so important to good health? All nutritional elements such as enzymes, vitamins, amino acids, proteins, fats, sugars, carbohydrates, etc., as well as all body functions, are dependent upon minerals.

And there is another element that is seldom referred to when speaking of nutritional factors, and yet it is one of the most crucial. This element is simply light. Light is electrical; light is a substance of varying degrees and values. Light provides the life, potential and ability for the body’s enzymes, vitamins and amino acids, as well as all chemical and biological functions, including the nerve currents. The lack of light causes old age, sickness and disease. When cells do not have light, they die. As a measurable, nutritional element, light is what gives life to the nucleus of each cell. And not only can the electrical quantity of individual cells be measured, but the electrical currents generated by the collective cell structure of individual organs can be measured as well.

The body’s supply of organic minerals is often referred to as the electrolyte reserve because these minerals allow for the conductivity of electrical bio-energy which provides “light” to each cell. These minerals function in much the same way as battery acid does in an automobile battery.

When the body is deficient in minerals, it is deficient in light and, therefore, deficient in health. It is this light or life that feeds radiant power to our molecular cell structure and to our enzymes. Lower this light or life activity and you reduce the potential of every metabolic process in the body.

People are deficient in minerals for two major reasons: 1) the food she eats does not have the nutrients, and 2) she has mucoid layers in the stomach, small intestines and colon which are inhibiting proper assimilation of nutrients.

The foods one finds on the commercial market are often not fit to eat. Much of our farmland is depleted, polluted and unbalanced. Fallout from the air and industrial pollution, polluted water and the consistent use of unnatural, untested chemicals and potential carcinogens used in soil, on seeds, buds, plants and packaging have dangerously affected the nutritional and safety aspects of our foods. And as if to add evil upon evil, the fruits on the commercial market are generally unripe and undeveloped so that they have a longer “shelf life.” Then, of course, man further destroys the value of food through cooking, freezing, preserving, microwaving, pasteurizing, and now worst of all – through irradiation. Irradiation annihilates precious enzymes and vitamins: the very life elements of the food.

Now since humans are lacking minerals (or any biochemicals), the corresponding organs and functions of the body are restricted and damaged, causing further congestion and toxicity.

The average lifespan of a red blood cell is 120 days. When it dies, it must be replaced. However, if the body has not been supplied with the proper bionutrients, the physical structure and its organs and tissues are unable to rejuvenate themselves. The body begins its gradual process of deterioration.

Minerals affect so many aspects of healthy body function. For example, you may have heard that the acid-alkaline (pH) balance in the intestines is controlled by the intestinal flora. But few are aware that the pH balance of the body tissue is controlled by minerals. It may be helpful to know that balanced glandular hormone secretions depend upon minerals. Heart problems may be due to the lack of the minerals potassium or magnesium. Skin problems, which are itchy, raw or scaly, often reflect a lack of silicon. A lack of the mineral silicon can also result in shaking, loss of hair, gray hair, poor nails and frazzled nerves. Digestive and joint troubles can be related to sodium intake – are they taking in enough organic sodium? Or are they consuming too much inorganic sodium (e.g., table salt) in their diets? Even various brain malfunctions are attributable to a lack of some of the trace minerals.

Minerals are crucial for good elimination. And good elimination is crucial for purity and good health! Organic minerals, in conjunction with enzymes, neutralize free radicals and other metabolic cell wastes so that they can be eliminated. Chelated or organic minerals actually draw out the inorganic, harmful minerals from the body’s blood vessels, arthritic joints, etc. These inorganic minerals are so often the cause of much trouble.

The Best Form Of Organic Minerals is Colloidal

The most effective mineral supplement should be derived from organic vegetation and consumed in a chelated and colloidal form. The finest and most effective mineral supplement of this sort that one can find is a liquid colloid of minerals. When derived from 100% organic naturally chelated substances and ingested in a colloidal state, they have the ability to combine with the body’s enzymes and draw out from the joints, blood and body tissues harmful inorganic minerals and drugs. One excellent source of these liquid minerals is pre-historic plant life, preserved deep within a mountain of central Utah which is free from toxic chemical contamination of any kind.

Due to their organic nature and because they are colloidal (when by the method of aqueous extraction the mineral particles are infused into a suspension of submicroscopic substance), these liquid minerals are easily absorbed by the body. In this form they are so tiny they are capable of being absorbed even through the unnatural mucoid layers in the intestines and stomach that generally prohibit proper digestion and assimilation of the food one eats. Due to their organic, chelated and colloidal form, Liquid minerals do not even need to pass through the digestive system to be utilized. They are capable of being assimilated through the pores of the skin! You can test this for yourself the next time you get a burn. Spray some liquid mineral solution on the burn and notice the pain disappearing in seconds. For a more serious burn, notice how quickly it heals!

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