March 10, 2015 Anderson Richard

Distended Abdomen?

Help To Bring the Abdomen Back Into Shape!

Taking 3 capsules each of white oak bark and ginger root 3 times per day for about 10 days will help to tighten the cell tissue in the alimentary canal. You can make a tea of equal parts of white oak bark and ginger root. Just take some distilled water and lightly simmer pieces of these herbs for about 10 minutes. You can use about 1 teaspoon of each herb per quart. More if you want it stronger, less if you like it weaker. It will not taste bad. If you use powdered herbs, place one-half teaspoon of each herb in a cup and add boiling water and let steep until cool enough to drink.

Never drink anything that is too hot and never use aluminum pots to cook in or heat water.

For those with prolapse of the transverse colon, it is suggested to use the herbs as mentioned above and also use a slant board. Lie on the slant board with head down, and with your hands gently massage your abdomen, especially the transverse colon, in the direction of your head. Just reach as deep as you can and draw your intestinal tubes up.

Visualize them staying in place. Remember, your mind is the controlling factor in your life. Whatever you accept as true will become a reality for you.

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