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Cleansing – Why It’s The Right Thing To Do

Cleansing – Why It’s The Right Thing To Do

Since recorded history people have been cleansing their bodies. Since the beginning, fasting… avoiding all food and drinking only water…has been practiced by almost every serious spiritual community. Why?  Rarely, if ever, will anyone cleanse or fast for the fun of it.  For most, it is the last thing that can be labeled fun, yet millions of people all over the world are cleansing, fasting, or both. It has been well established that millions and millions of people have been cleansing for thousands of years, but you still may be asking yourself, why should I cleanse? The reason is very simple; it helps remove the obstacles that interfere with health: mentally, emotionally, and physically.  Cleansing and fasting, when done properly, has a remarkable ability to CLEAR OUT THE CAUSES of health issues and bring people back to a high state of health and well-being.  Nothing, absolutely nothing, compares to this amazing process and relatively speaking, it is a quick process which leaves people amazed.  Cleansing, when done properly, speeds us forward spiritually by clearing the pathways of love, joy and clarity. Cleansing helps us see what very few people have ever seen; it helps us become aware of things that generally remain unknown.

When we realize that the primary causes of ALL health issues are unconscious emotional programs, toxicity and acids, we then begin to see why cleansing works so well.  Cleansing also clears a secondary cause of poor health: congestion. Congestion is reduced, and can even be eliminated by, cleansing.  Enervation (lack of energy) is commonly eliminated by cleansing; the number one most common testimony among cleansers is the experience of more energy.  Nutritional deficiencies are reduced significantly by improving digestion and assimilation.  Proper cleansing out shines water fasting, as cleansing can remove Mucoid Plaque, which is a major interference with digestion and assimilation.  Genetics, the last of the secondary causes, is also dealt with when we cleanse.  The science that studies how our DNA changes (Epigenetics) is relatively new, but we already have learned enough now to realize that our emotions and attitudes can alter our DNA.  When cleansing, we always see a major improvement in our attitudes, feelings and our outlook on life. Our newfound positive attitude strengthens our genetic structure.

Emotions are the ultimate director of our physiological chemistry.  Emotions can be either beneficial to our health or toxic to our bodies.  Emotions of love, gratitude and joy are soothing and healing to our bodies.  These positive emotions fill us with energy, strengthen our DNA, and speed us towards a high level of health. Negative emotions; fear and anger based emotions, makes us susceptible to anger, disappointment, frustration, resentment, etc.  These emotions move us into cycles of poor health that can be very difficult to remove.

Negative emotions should be our highest concern. They emit various frequencies and patterns that influence our glands, hormones, peptides, neuropeptides, and ligands.  They influence the chemical messengers that virtually control our entire chemistry; every cell and organ of our bodies. They control our digestion, attitudes, responses, habits, and desires, especially the desire to eat foods that are vibrationally synchronized with the emotions within. Therefore, emotions are the primary determining factor in attracting toxicity, congestion, level of vitality and nutrition, and one reason why emotions are the first cause behind all states of health.  Even toxicity takes second place over emotions as the primary causes of health issues.  With this knowledge, an effective physician will assist their patients in removing or transforming emotions that are harmful.

Toxicity may be termed the second cause of health issues.  All the named health issues we can think of have their basis in emotions and toxicity.  As Doctor Bernard Jensen used to say, “the name of a health issue is determined by where the toxins settle.  Toxins create mucus, congestion, inflammation, excessive free radical activity, and oxidation and pollute our blood and organs.  Toxins weaken cells by polluting and poisoning them and by disrupting normal energy patterns.  Energy and oxygen levels drop in the presence of toxins, acids and congestion.  Lack of energy and lowered frequencies, weaken normal immunity because energy is a very significant part of our immune system.  We can use every immune stimulant known to man yet if our energy is very low, the immune system cannot achieve it fullest potential. We must have energy. Thus, true optimal health requires the elimination of toxicity, congestion and negative thoughts and feelings.

Earlier in the article I specifically noted that the benefits of cleansing are seen when a cleanse is done properly. So what do I mean, when a cleanse is done properly? First, we should always begin cleansing with an intestinal cleanse.  It is a big mistake to try and cleanse the liver, gallbladder, the blood, etc. before cleansing the intestines. Here’s why: the intestines feed the cells of our body by transporting nutrients into the Portal Veins, which carry them directly to the liver. When the intestines are filthy, the blood will be filthy and the liver has to process the nutrients and whatever toxins are in the blood.  As long as the liver has to process bowel toxins it cannot effectively process its own toxins.  Trying to clean the liver before cleansing the intestines is like trying to clean your toilet bowel without flushing it.  It simply can’t be done effectively.

The small intestines are the most important organ in our body to keep clean, for every other organ and cell depends upon the small intestines for its survival.  It is the job of the small intestines to properly digest and assimilate the food we eat.  The colon is mainly a holding area for food until it is time to be eliminated.  The small intestines are extremely important to cleanse and keep in good shape, yet most people have developed problems throughout the intestines, including the colon.  So, it is important to use a cleanse that can remove accumulated toxicity and plaque from the small intestine as well as the colon.

Why waste your money on products that cannot cleanse deeply?  If we are going to go the trouble of cleansing, why mess around with something shallow?  Go deep, where it really matters.  There are some impressive marketing campaigns out there, so how can we determine which cleanse really works?  Please keep the following in mind:

  1. Mucoid Plaque Removal: How much Mucoid Plaque is removed during a certain period, say seven days? An effective cleanse typically removes 25 to 50 feet or more of Mucoid Plaque in seven days, when using the deepest phase of the cleanse.
  2. Safety:  When a so called cleanse cannot perform deeply, safety is generally not an issue and there is little need to add safety procedures.  However, when using a cleanse that is going to cleanse all the way down into the cells themselves, it is extremely important to have a full reserve of electrolytes, which are used to buffer acids that will be released during a deep cleanse.  During a deep cleanse, our bodies become very acidic for two main reasons.  First, stored acids will naturally enter circulation to be removed and second, the body actually creates acids in order to remove congestion.  If our body is depleted of the electrolytes needed for the buffering of acids, we can cause problems that could be serious.  Therefore, any company who sells a powerful cleanse program will recommend taking a simple pH tests to help determine whether or not we have enough electrolytes to accomplish a cleanse safely and effectively.
  3. Results: How you feel 3 or 4 days after the cleanse has been completed.  A person who has cleansed properly should notice an amazing new level of energy, clarity, a new level of well-being, noticeable improvements in appearance (how you look), and the tone and color of the skin (less wrinkles).  You should notice significant improvements in various health issues ranging from one end to the other, improvement in digestion and bowel movements, increased stamina, major improvement in attitude, love and joy, and a new awareness of things.  Some people will notice an improvement in eyesight, in memory, increased flow of urine, etc.  There will also be improvements in areas that we cannot see, such as improvement in the immune function, major loss of weight in people who had been overweight, and one could experience the elimination of fertility issues.  The list of positive benefits truly goes on and on. When our bodies make such profound improvements, our whole body functions better.  As a result, I firmly believe that we will have increased our life span and build a new shield-like condition that wards off many potential health problems.

I have been practicing cleansing and fasting since 1963.  For the past 30 plus years, I have observed tens of thousands of people cleanse.  I believe in cleansing so much that I have personally done more cleansing than perhaps anyone on the planet, and I’m still going at it. Though I no longer remove Mucoid Plaque, I still cleanse and continue to work on the removal of lingering negative emotional patterns.

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