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Alkaline Diet – Raw Food Diet

Alkaline Diet – Raw Food Diet

We had been in Kauai only two days. We were running in the morning and swimming and snorkeling throughout the day. We were also planning to hike the famous Napali Coast Trail which is 11 miles each way of very rugged and dangerous hiking. John keeps himself in better condition than either Chris or I. He is solid muscle, runs, lifts weights or water skis everyday. It never occurred to us that he was having any trouble.

One evening during dinner, John suggested that we all go on a total raw food diet. This was a rather unusual request for John, and I thought something must be going on and I wanted to find out what, so I resisted. “John” I said, “This is my first time in Hawaii and I want to enjoy all it offers. Let’s do raw food when we get back home!” “But Rich, look at all this great fruit, papayas, mangoes, exotic bananas, fresh coconuts, guavas and even more. It will be good for us, I think we should do it.” “Well we can eat all we want of those items, no problem, but let’s enjoy other things too.” “Rich, think about how much better off we all will be if we discipline ourselves right now and eat what nature really intended for us to eat.” “John, no one could agree with you about that more than I, but why not do this at home and enjoy our vacation to the maximum?”

On and on we went, Chris watching and listening, wondering what the heck was going on, and enjoying the obvious debate this turned into. John became more stubborn and so did I. Finally John gave in and admitted why he was so persistent.”Rich I have had to almost give up water skiing, I have been getting more and more pain when ever I do.” I listened carefully. “The pain is sometimes intense in my back and especially my arms. It gets so bad when I water ski that I’m forced to stop. My hands have been getting more and more stiff and sore in the mornings. I’m in pain right now especially in my back.” I’m so concerned that I question doing the hike to Kalalau valley. I want to try your alkaline suggestions. I asked a few more questions and said, “About a year ago as I recall, we talked about some soreness you were having and I said you were just too acid. I suggested that you stop eating all those acid foods your incredible wife cooks for you and I sent you some Goat Milk Whey to help alkalize your system, did you do these things?” “Well, I fed the Whey to my dog.” “So, now you have an alkalized dog and you’re stuck with an over acid body.”

OK, if Chris is willing, lets go on raw foods, then you will soon know the truth about alkaline and acid. In about two days his pains began to lessen. About a week later it was time to hike the Napali Coast Trail. His pain was gone from his arms and the pain and stiffness in his hands had totally left him, even in the mornings he was free of any concerned symptoms. He only had just one little spot left in his back.

We spent 3 days of rugged backpacking. On the way back we raced a tough fellow from Sweden for 11 miles with full packs. Then we went swimming. His pain was even less. On the plane home, John, said that pain in his back was only noticeable when he moved in certain positions. “So John, now you know for sure what has been bothering you all these long months. For 8 days we had only alkaline food and most of it was raw. Do we all feel better or what?” Chris and John both felt that they not only felt better but had learned a lesson that was indeed very valuable: we fall apart eating acid foods and heal on alkaline foods.

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