Ingrid Prema Winterbotham

My package arrived and I was ready. To my surprise the pH test in the early morning revealed a low pH of orange. The reality of the situation set in. Yes, I just had had an infected root canal lower molar removed and the body was still healing the infection. Yes, I was 74 years young and had been tired for the last 2 years, but I was determined to change. The Gentle Phase was my alternative to take. I followed the instructions correctly.

Then suddenly I was finding myself feeling sad, sick, frightened and hopeless, only I had no reason to feel like that. In a flashback I was a little child left in a hospital in war torn Germany, all alone deserted. That afternoon I eliminated the first 8 inch strand of mucous rope and I felt elated. I felt energized and happy. Everyday from that day forward I eliminated strands of mucous plaque, mostly in the afternoon. Then I started feeling fear at night and in the mornings. In the afternoons after eliminating I was fine. Then at night it would start up again to the point that I asked my spirit for help, tell me what is this fear? The answer came in the form of a dream; a crazy woman was wandering around my door.

I understood that my fears were driven by insane fear of bombers dropping bombs.  I understood then that I had been, all my life crippled with that fear and therefore had been insecure and felt unworthy. That understanding helped me in taking my power back. That day I passed a lot of mucous with threadworms. I kept expelling. I learned that I was not the fear. If the body through the rumbling in the bowels was giving of signals, I was now the observer. The other day I passed a 2 foot rope of mucous and felt really good about it. All in all, the Cleanse has given to me the means of extending my lifespan. I feel happier, joyful and energetic. I have a life again, and I have a future and so much richer, because I am not carrying the burdensome past around with me. I am free. I am so thankful to Dr. Anderson for making the Cleanse available and known.

J. B., Melbourne, Australia

Where do I start!!

This cleanse has been the most revelatory single thing that I have ever done for myself in my life of 43 years. I followed the cleanse guidelines to the letter up until the end of 3 weeks. I had so much gain in that time I decided to go back to small amounts of food on the 4th week but still running the program. I did lose some weight and that was my primary concern for continuing the full 4 weeks. I have begun to put the weight back on now and do I feel great!

I began expelling mucoid plaque at the end of week 1. Every day after that point I continued to shed pounds and pounds of the stuff. I couldn't believe there was so much inside of me; even more confronting is the fact that there is still more to come out. I will run the full cleanse program in another 3-4 months.

The first 3-4 days were the hardest; being a daily meat eater and coffee consumer I had some serious demons to address. When I got through those first days I had moments of extreme awareness and clarity coupled with moments of extreme tiredness and exhaustion. I believe this wolf and warp is due to the toxins being released and then being re-stimulated in the next phase. I cut myself some slack and rested well and just continued on with the program. I couldn't believe my ability to cut out a meal each week and how my body adjusted. I am now off meat permanently and will eat a little dairy and fish whilst I educate myself more on raw foods.

My energy levels have boosted substantially, I wake up at 5:30 am most mornings bright and fresh, not groggy and tired like in my last life. This is very powerful stuff!! My emotional and spiritual bodies have changed substantially, I am a much kinder and generous person, also more calm and centered. I believe that a lot of my maladies were caused by eating meat.

I can see things with extreme clarity and I no longer have that chatter in my head. Things are happening in my life like never before, the synchronicity of existence seems to be finding me. I am much more connected with plant and animal life, nature and God. I feel the life force and energy in these. That may sound exaggerated to some but I feel a spiritual connection that I have never experienced before. One needs to do the process to understand.

I can see the power of healing in fruit and vegetables and how they replenish and cleanse us. I see a world around us that has taken a path which doesn't serve us, but instead adds to our pain and suffering, creating greed and disharmony.

I have re-read Rich Anderson's book again whilst on the process. I cannot believe how much of what he has written I have experienced. My wish now is that my family and friends get onto this program because it potentially, could create a massive shift in the consciousness of mankind. Sound extreme?? Try and see what I'm talking about. Thank you to Rich Anderson and all the team at Arise and Shine. This is a wonderful gift!

P. M. Castro Valley CA

...Almost all of my symptoms have disappeared.

I threw out a shoe box full of prescriptions, and am able to exercise (I can actually take a deep breath, and breathe through my nose. I haven’t been able to do that for twenty years!) Oh, my allergies are gone too. (Dust, mold yeast, pine, grass, etc.) The cystic acne went away, my weight dropped, dizziness is gone, heart palpitations are also gone. Prior to the cleanse I could not grow fingernails. They would break, chip, were thin and would bend and tear. For the first time in 15 years I have long fingernails, all strong, all unbroken and all due to the cleanse. (I recognize that I am absorbing calcium properly now.) I now have to cut them so I can do some of the things I couldn’t do before I took the cleanse (oh, poor me! Women pay so much to get glued onto their fingers...I have to laugh at myself, I want to cut them off to learn Kung Fu). I still have some sinus, I feel after my next cleanse more of the prescription drugs stored in my body will depart and more of the ‘dreaded mucoid plaque’, ending the sinus symptoms as well...”

M. M. Naples FL

No more hemorrhoids, or lifetime of sinus problems

“...The benefits that I have gotten from the program are, loss of weight and waistline inches, better functioning organs, loss of hemorrhoids, the loss of life long sinus congestion, healthier skin, better sleep, more stamina, loss of recurring headaches, more appetite control, a higher interest in food, live foods, and food combining, a better memory, a loss of poor digestion, loss of mild ulcers.”

SW, Tucson

It's Almost Unbelievable - The Stuff That's Eliminated! -

"Greetings from a cleaner and more pure Sandy W.  I came off the Cleanse today and I am SO IMPRESSED!  I could not believe the filth and slime that came out!  And so MUCH of it!  Where does it all come from?  AMAZING!"

Romona. Pasadena Ca.

Lost 37 pounds

I have just completed the cleanse program and I can't say enough about the changes in my body.  I feel better than I have ever felt, EVER!  I lost 37 pounds, and many feet of plaque.  My bowels are now working properly, my swollen abdomen has shrunk, my skin glows, my eyes are bright, my mind is sharp, my heart is open and full of love!  People keep asking me what I am doing to look and feel so fantastic!

A Mother Wrote Concerning Her Daughter:   "I am writing you about your wonderful "Cleanse & Purify Thyself" book and how much you helped my daughter.  She was in PAIN for years.  It was so bad that sometimes she couldn't speak!  She went to doctor after doctor and hospital after hospital and they tested her in all their ways, but couldn't find the reason for the pain.  Until she went on your Transformational Cleanse.'  Thank you for writing such a brilliant book and helping my daughter lose all that prehistoric fecal matter.  She is a new girl.  I am going on the program myself."

Barney Davis, Tucson

Worms, Parasites, and Crawly Things

"I'm gaining more and more energy, vitality, and have a new-found energy.  The total length of worm that came out of me in 7 days equaled 335.4 inches." (27.9 feet)

N. C San Diego CA

Over 40 ft. of toxic, black mucoid plaque

“...  Using your cleanse, I relieved myself of over 40 ft. of toxic, black fecal matter in the one week of use...”

A. M. Penryn CA

“...I have been doing various forms of cleansing for 15 years. Yours seems to be the most effective one that I have ever used.”

P. V. San Diego CA

“...I passed about 35 feet of hardened mucoid plaque. I did not feel weak or hungry...”

. . . .  and what came out was at least one inch thick and 10 inches long, gray and hard like tire rubber!