Natural Parasite Cleanse
Natural herbal way to discourage intestinal parasites through diet, herbs, citrus seed extract, black walnut extract.

How to Use a Powerful, Nontoxic Natural Anti-Parasite Program


The successful removal of parasites from any area of the body is always dependent upon successful elimination of parasites from the intestines first.  Effective elimination of intestinal parasites is dependent upon several important factors:


1. Electrolytes

2. Diet and nutrition

3. Cleanliness of the bowel

4. Bowel epithelium integrity

5. Immune function

6. Anti-parasite remedies

7. Attitudes


Explanation:  Every organ in our bodies has a natural defense mechanism.1  The bowel is no exception. The bowel immune system has the ability to destroy any pathogen, including any parasite or yeast. The normal American bowel is extremely toxic, impacted with excessive protein and mucoid plaque. It can no longer defend itself. The average American bowel has become the perfect environment for parasites. Parasites seem to thrive upon excessive undigested proteins, mucus, highly processed food and toxins. They hide in the layers of mucoid plaque and mucus, thereby protecting themselves from vermifuge remedies. Removing unnatural mucus (parasite strongholds and food source) is essential in establishing a healthy, strong bowel, capable of defending itself.  A dirty, toxic bowel supports parasites, weakens the liver and kidneys, stresses the immune system, and damages the epithelium wall, which leads to leaky bowel syndrome. Establishing full electrolyte reserves and adequate nutrition is the first and most important step in eliminating parasites of any kind. Cleansing the bowel is the second most important step. Rebuilding the bowel wall, part of the third step, is vital if the bowel integrity is weak and deficient, because a compromised bowel wall is unable to defend itself with the phagocyte defense function of the immune system. The integrity of bowel wall tissue is dependent upon cleanliness of the bowel, electrolytes and nutrition.1 This occurs only when the bowel epithelium has an alkaline pH, a relatively clean environment, and full nutritional supply. If the bowel pH is too acid, then its environment becomes toxic and nutritionally deficient, and cells become weak and sluggish, which results in distressed bowel immunity.


With most Americans, these conditions prevail to some degree. An acid bowel destroys friendly bacteria and attracts pathogenic bacteria and other pathogenic or potentially pathogenic microorganisms. As these conditions advance, the bowel becomes more acid, more toxic, and more deficient. Bowel function then diminishes and is no longer capable of defending itself from pathogenic yeasts, bacteria, and parasites. At a certain point, the bowel wall develops weak points and leaky bowel syndrome develops. This is a condition where the normal tight bowel structure, which is designed to allow only specific size nutrients to enter the portal veins, stretches. As the bowel integrity weakens and stretches, larger and larger particles can enter the bloodstream. Now undigested proteins and other toxic substances enter the blood. The liver is the first area attacked, and over a period of time the liver weakens. After the liver is no longer able to function effectively, symptomatic conditions present themselves. This is a natural course, followed by advancing disease. Therefore, cleansing and rebuilding bowel integrity through nutrition and herbs is essential in establishing bowel immunity.


7-Step Treatment for Eliminating Parasites**

This is not intended to be a prescription, but simply a recommendation.


Step One: Alkalize. It is essential to alkalize the body with electrolyte minerals. A high percentage of Americans have depleted their electrolyte alkaline reserves. Until full electrolyte alkaline reserves are fully restored, the ability to restore the immune function and rebuild normal metabolic function is severely weakened. Electrolytes are essential in cell metabolism, and this includes cells of the immune system. Electrolytes are also used to remove acids; too many acids in the bowel will damage bowel function. There are test kits that can help you to discover how depleted your electrolyte levels may be.


Step Two:  Nutrition. Every cell in our bodies must have adequate nutrition in order to function perfectly. Most Americans eat food grown on depleted soil. It is imperative to eat only organically grown food, eat a vegetarian diet, prepare food properly, chew food thoroughly, and eat only when you are in a state of peace and hunger. For optimal results, it is recommended that you drink fresh vegetable juice daily, especially carrot/celery/beet juice. Otherwise, eat fresh fruits, vegetables, and soaked nuts and seeds.


Step Three: Cleanse the Bowel. Rich Anderson's intestinal cleansing program is the most powerful and effective intestinal cleansing program available. It is a flexible program that can be intelligently modified for specific needs. For maximum benefits, the full program should be used, and followed carefully. However, for those who must remove parasites quickly, the mildest phase of Rich Anderson's cleansing program can be used along with anti-parasite remedies. (Do not expect the same results as with the full cleanse program.)


Step Four:  Rebuilding Bowel Integrity. It is important to begin to rebuild bowel integrity by supplying the bowel with important herbal and nutritional foods. We recommend: 1) Rich Anderson's formula for building and strengthening the bowel. This herbal and nutritional supplement is designed to not only soothe and heal the bowel wall, but also to feed and strengthen it with important nutrients. It contains specific astringent herbs to help tighten the gut lining. 2) Rich Anderson's formula for renewing the intestinal wall . This product is specifically designed to rebuild the bowel integrity through select concentration of nutritional supplements. These two formulas should be taken separately, about 30 minutes apart, both between meals. 3) Vitamin C. Should be taken with meals - approximately 2,000 mg. daily.


Step Five:  Building System Immunity. Echinacea extract is recommended for stimulating the immune activity.  A general probiotic, in capsules, should be taken as well. It should contain F.O.S., (fruitooligosacchrides) and specific bacteria that will assist immune activity in the bowel and help to rebuild the bowel wall.


Step Six:  Attitude. In recent years, scientific evidence has mounted that emotions are the basic cause of all disease in the body. There is no question that emotions control hormone secretion and nerve activity, which either strengthen or weaken the immune system. Hormones and nerves are greatly influenced by emotions, which affect every physiological and metabolic function in our bodies. Therefore, it is vital to work on eliminating resentment, anger, hate, fear, guilt, depression, greed and other negative emotions. Without correcting these conditions, achieving optimal health becomes much more difficult, if not impossible. We have found that visualizing ourselves as perfectly healthy and happy is very effective. As the body or consciousness begins to clean out the cause of disease (negative attitudes), cleansing reactions occur. This also brings to the surface, like a cleansing reaction, conscious and unconscious unresolved issues that block our perfect health. (For more on this, see Cleanse and Purify Thyself, Book 1). When we do the right things for ourselves, these reactions pass quickly. It is important to learn about cleansing reactions, for though they are desirable, they can be uncomfortable and sometimes frightening. Read Dramatic Signs of Healing: Cleansing Reactions and the “Healing Crisis” by Richard Anderson for more information on this.


Step Seven:  Anti-parasite Remedies. Using the correct herbs for your specific needs is essential. See next section: Instructions for Removing Parasites.


Anti-Parasite Remedies

Rich Anderson's Anti-worm Formulas 1: Roundworms

Rich Anderson's Anti-worm Formulas 2: Tapeworms and Flatworms


Rich Anderson's anti-worm preparations are two of the most powerful anti-parasitic formulas available.* Made of all-natural herbal ingredients, these contain powerful herbs that are traditionally known to help eliminate the common types of worms and parasites. The first formula is specific for roundworms, protozoa and general parasites. The second formula is for flatworms (tapes, flukes, etc.). Each of the herbs in these formulas has been carefully selected . Wild crafted herbs are used, whenever possible, because greater care is used in harvesting and drying. Specific varieties are used in these formulas even though costs are sometimes 6 or 8 times greater, just because we insist on herbs that offer the greatest potential benefits.


The basic vermifuge program consists of only one course of each formula. Simply use either formula and then take the other formula. The one you start with will depend on how urgent your need is to eliminate either type of parasite first.


The two anti-worm formulas should be taken separately. Taking them together may cause a toxic reaction in some people. It's often hard to distinguish whether an experienced reaction is from the amount or the combination of formulas ingested, or if it's just from the toxins produced by the dying parasites. Symptoms from parasite die-off are: weakness, bloating, feeling tired and tiring easily during exercise. Symptoms caused by the herbs may include allergic reactions (very rare), diarrhea or weakness. In any case, simply reduce the amount of herbs being taken.


The herbs in the anti-worm formulas have been chosen for the benefits they give in the removal of specific parasites and worms. Most are specific anti-parasitic herbs, and some are used for their combining properties. All are hand-selected and tested. On the last page is a listing of the herbs in these anti-worm formulas. Please note that these herbs have many other healing properties, but we’ve elected to only list the benefits as they pertain to why they are included in these formulas.




First Day: One capsule, 3 times a day with meals.

Second Day: Two capsules, 3 times a day with meals.

Third Day: Two capsules, 3 times a day with meals and also one capsule, 3 times between meals.

Fourth Day:Two capsule, 3 times a day with meals and also two capsule, 3 times between meals.

Fifth Day:Three capsules, 3 times a day with meals and also three capsules, 3 times between meals.

Continue with three capsules six times a day until you run out.


Note:  If you are feeling toxic, you may try an enema or cut back the dosage at any time.


* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration.  Drinking tea made from the anti-worm formulas will enhance the program’s effectiveness.


Take tea between meals and preferably 1 or more hours before or after taking your regular dose of the anti-parasite herbs.


To make Anti-worm Tea:  Pour boiling distilled water into cup and empty two capsules of the Worm Buster formula you are currently using into it. Cover for 10 minutes and drink. This may be taken twice daily in addition to the capsules.


CAUTION: Drinking the tea may intensify its action beyond comfort range. If you experience difficulty, this is the first item to stop. No one should develop toxic reactions. Should toxic reaction occur, cut back on dosage immediately. A few people may be highly sensitive or allergic to these herbs. If symptoms are severe - discontinue.


Diet for Parasite Elimination


It is recommended that you avoid dairy, wheat, sugar, meat, poultry or fish. Not only are these items very acid-forming and mucus forming, they are also the best foods for parasites. It is important to establish an alkaline bowel to effectively eliminate parasites.


Walnut Extract and Rich Anderson's Citrus Seed Extract.

These formulas target microscopic and extracellular parasites (protozoa, amoeba) - and parasites in areas of the body other than the bowels.These formulas are recommended to be taken longer than the anti-worm formulas. 60-90 days is ideal. Green black walnut can be used at the same time as the anti-worm formulas. Rich Anderson's citrus seed extract is suggested to be taken after one has finished the anti-worm formulas. Follow the directions.


Special Note:  With all the above information in mind, each individual must gauge his/her own experience and keep their health care practitioner current as he or she moves along through the program. It is very important for each person to learn to listen to his or her own body. Your health care practitioner will then make choices about how to apply the program for you as they see how your body responds and get a sense for what it needs, and how much of it is optimum for you.


CAUTION:  DO NOT USE WHEN PREGNANT.  Cut back on dosage if unusual symptoms occur (other than mild headaches, mild nausea and mild weakness). If symptoms are unusually strong, discontinue immediately.


Oral Use: Liquid form:  Begin with 4 drops in water or juice 3 times daily. Gradually increase dose by 2 drop each day. Maximum amount is 16 drops 3 times daily. If this causes discomfort, decrease dosage.


Additional Information about Parasite Elimination



Along with an anti-parasite program you should either do the mildest phase of the intestinal cleanse program, or at least drink one cleanse shake and take two sets of each formula of Rich Anderson's herbs for moving the bowels and providing cleansing nutrition each day. This will help to absorb the toxins from the die off. It will also help remove their eggs. The herbs, of course, will keep the bowels moving and the plaque softened. The anti-parasite remedies may be taken at the same time as the herb set for moving the bowels and providing cleansing nutrition. The general probiotic should be taken daily as well.


Usage Chart


 Weeks                 1              2              3              4              5              6              7              8              9              10           11           12            13

 Anti-worm 1      *             *             !                                                                                                                                                               

 Anti-worm 2                                      *             *             !                                                                                                                               

 Black Walnut      *            *             *             *             *             *             *             *             *                                                              

 Citrus Seed Extract                                                                         *             *             *             *             *             *             *             *            

 General Probiotic             *            *             *             *             *             *             *             *             *             *             *             *             *




! =Each of these should be taken until you run out, weeks are approximate.

* =Weeks to take each product.


Green black walnut extract and the citrus seed extract must be taken at least one half hour or more apart to avoid possible adverse reactions in some individuals.




To Target Non-Intestinal Parasites:  Anti-worm 1, Extra Potent Citrus Seed Extract, Green Black Walnut Hulls Extract.  Follow the preceding procedures using the anti-worm 1 formula and citrus seed extract, and add Rich Anderson's organically grown Green black walnut hulls extract.


Note:  The above suggestions are provided for informational use only and are not intended to replace the advice of a licensed professional. It is not a prescription, but simply a recommendation.


Anti-Worm Formula 1 Ingredients

Green Black Walnut Hulls - Effective against all types of worms and diarrhea. Also useful for ulcerations, inflammations and other problems that may occur with stressed bowels. A powerful disinfectant and antiseptic.


Wormwood (Artimesia Annua) - Considered the most effective of all the wormwoods. It is one of the most bitter of all herbs. Especially effective against roundworms and useful for liver and stomach disorders. It counteracts poisonous plants.


Cloves - A powerful disinfectant and germicidal agent that increases circulation and reduces gas and nausea. Some have claimed that it destroys parasite eggs.


Gentian Root - Very effective tonic and is considered effective against malaria (protozoa) and worms. Is used for liver, exhaustion, cancer, poisonous insects, and snakes. It stimulates circulation and strengthens the system.


Ginger - Known to increase the effectiveness of other herbs. It also helps reduce stress in the stomach and bowels. Reduces gas and nausea.


Hyssop Herb - Known to expel worms and is soothing and healing to the bowels, kidneys, bladder and spleen.


Mandrake Root - A very powerful glandular stimulant. It is used for treatment of chronic liver diseases, skin problems, bile flow, digestion and intestinal obstructions. It helps strengthen the liver and bowels. It is one of the few herbs known to remove worms from the urinary system. It also helps remove lead and pinworms.


Anti-worm Formula 2 Ingredients

Male Fern Rhizome - Considered highly effective (the proper variety only) against tapeworms and other worms as well. It is also an astringent and tonic.


Pink Root (Spigelia marilandica: Loganiaceae) - Has been considered a certain remedy for tapeworms and roundworms. It is essential to use the proper pink root, which is difficult to obtain as it is not readily available on the commercial market.


Pumpkin Seeds - Considered to be effective against tapeworms, some roundworms and urinary problems.


Chamomile - Helps soothe upset and irritated stomach and bowels.


Senna Leaf - Increases peristalsis and increases the effectiveness of some vermifuges. It also helps remove worms.


1Immunoglobulin IgA is a protein molecule that functions as an antibody. It is secreted by B lymphocytes in the bowel epithelium.