Dr Richard AndersonDr. Richard Anderson  is a naturopathic doctor, medical researcher, nutritionist, iridologist, and herbalist. Dr. Anderson has been on the Board of Directors for International Society of Naturopathy and is a faculty member at the University of Natural Medicine. Through his two books, Cleanse & Purify Thyself Book One and Book Two and his world famous Herbal Cleanse Products, Dr. Anderson unequivocally revealed the awesome power of keeping our body’s internal environment clean. His teachings and the effectiveness of his Original Master Cleanse Program, also referred to as Transformational Cleansing, has been accredited for having sparked the internal cleansing movement into its present trend.

He is involved in the movement to help people understand how our consciousness controls our health. Using scientific data, Dr. Anderson has shown that our subconscious patterns control our hormones and ultimately defines our state of health and everything that happens to us. He states that true healing requires the resolution of traumatized emotions stored in our subconscious and the removal of interference patterns that limit us.

His search for better health began at the age of 7, when he developed a severe over-acid condition that was linked to drinking too much milk. This condition soon triggered alkalosis, a life threatening conditioning that was triggered by severe electrolyte deficiencies. During that period he developed one illness after another including the mumps, chicken pox’s, constipation, constant ear and sinus infections, rheumatic Fever, then asthma, enlarged heart, damaged heart valves, kidney problems, failing eyesight, ADD, hearing problems, bone growth mutations, fatigue, depression and much more. His condition was so severe that he was not expected to live past 40. From then on he would be plagued with one problem after another until he finally began learning the true art of healing.

In 1963 Dr. Anderson began to study with a medical mystic who understood human function at levels that have never been put into print. From her he learned anatomy at levels that have not yet been researched by medical science. He also learned how emotions are transferred from subconscious into our physiology and control our chemistry, our health and every factor in our lives. Most important of all, he learned how emotional patterns that may be dominating a person’s personality, causing health problems, relationships issues, bad habits, financial problems and numerous other issues, can be completely eliminated in just minutes by the eradication of the emotional pattern. From her amazing example he was inspired to practice the art of purification, vegetarian diet and the release of emotions stored deeply in the subconscious. His twelve years with her changed him forever.

mountain-beautyDr. Anderson became a student of Dr. Bernard Jensen, while staying at Dr. Jensen’s Retreat Center he met White Medicine Crow who taught him how to live off the land eating nothing but the fresh wild herbs. While on a three month expedition in the wilderness, White Crow and Dr. Anderson began to eliminate massive amounts of mucoid plaque, a term coined by Dr. Anderson that describes collections of intestinal mucins that are secreted by the goblet cells of the intestines, when attacked by strong acids or toxins. Both Crow and Dr. Anderson began to experience major transformations in their physical and emotional health as well. By the time they had completed their third herbal expedition, Dr. Anderson was able to determine which herbs were responsible for this astonishing cleansing. From this experience, he developed his herbal formulas for people who wanted to detoxify and cleanse their body and emotions.  One year later he wrote his first book Cleanse and Purify Thyself and in only a few months the book found its way into over 50 other countries. Between this book and the testimonials of people experiencing the powerful healing benefits of his cleanse, companies all over the world began selling colon cleanses and in a few years, companies selling colon cleansing products went from four to over a hundred. Colon cleansing became a rage.

In 1999 Dr. Anderson went into semi retirement and settled on a horse ranch high in the mountains of Southern Oregon and continued to do research and experiment on himself. Then, in 2010 he took over Arise and Shine and entered the world of activity once again; this time to bring forth new ways to help people rapidly transform their health, emotions and spirituality. His primary goal is to help people realize the immense value of loving everyone and everything; it is really what we are. Dr. Anderson states that by eliminating the interference patterns that limit us in so many ways, we will find that our basic nature is love and enough love will solve all our personal problems and all world problems as well; and besides that, love is fun; it is the cause of all the happiness we can ever have.

After almost 50 years of research, Dr. Anderson states that subconscious emotional patterns, also known as Samskaras by the yogis, are the root cause behind almost every problem people have. These are forces of created energies that make impressions upon our subconscious and set our conditioning into specific patterns that control nearly every aspect of our lives including our health. Dr. Anderson is putting together a new program that will help people transform their own consciousness to a hightend level and provide major shortcuts, not only in their own healing process, but also to finding the truth of our own real self. The ability to do this will provides major shortcuts, not only in their own healing process, but also in finding the truth of their own real self, as opposed to the programmed self that most people incorrectly believe they are.