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Dr. Richard Anderson (Founder of Arise & Shine) is a naturopathic doctor, medical researcher, nutritionist, iridologist, and herbalist. Dr. Anderson has been on the Board of Directors for International Society of Naturopathy and is a faculty member at the University of Natural Medicine. Through his two books, Cleanse & Purify Thyself Book One and Book Two and his world famous Arise and Shine Herbal Cleanse Products, Dr. Anderson unequivocally revealed the awesome power of keeping our body’s internal environment clean. His teachings and the effectiveness of his Original Master Cleanse Program, also referred to as Transformational Cleansing, has been accredited for having sparked the internal cleansing movement into its present trend. READ MORE >>

I Lost 37 Pounds!

I have just completed the cleanse program and I can’t say enough about the changes in my body.  I feel better than I have ever felt, EVER!  I lost 37 pounds, and many feet of plaque.  My bowels are now working properly, my swollen abdomen has shrunk, my skin glows, my eyes are bright, my mind is sharp, my heart is open and full of love!  People keep asking me what I am doing to look and feel so fantastic!

A Mother Wrote Concerning Her Daughter:   “I am writing you about your wonderful “Cleanse & Purify Thyself” book and how much you helped my daughter.  She was in PAIN for years.  It was so bad that sometimes she couldn’t speak!  She went to doctor after doctor and hospital after hospital and they tested her in all their ways, but couldn’t find the reason for the pain.  Until she went on your Transformational Cleanse.’  Thank you for writing such a brilliant book and helping my daughter lose all that prehistoric fecal matter.  She is a new girl.  I am going on the program myself.”


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It’s Almost Unbelievable – The Stuff That’s Eliminated!

“Greetings from a cleaner and more pure Sandy W.  I came off the Cleanse today and I am SO IMPRESSED!  I could not believe the filth and slime that came out!  And so MUCH of it!  Where does it all come from?  AMAZING!” – Sandy W