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You clean out your home, your car, and your closets, so why not clean out your body? To cleanse the physical body from the inside out is a must for anyone who is serious about their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. Dr. Anderson has inspired people all around the world to make that first step on the journey to a healthier life through his Arise & Shine Transformational Cleanse Program. Arise & Shine cleanse programs have shown how cleansing can significantly address the causes of poor health, reduce aging, and clear interference-patterns that inhibit our sense of wellbeing.

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My Great Transformation

My Amazing First Colon Cleanse

Why I have such passion for cleansing

As a child I had many health problems.  First came constipation, then alkalosis a serious life threatening condition usually caused by severe electrolyte deficiency, but no one knew this at the time, only that I was having problems.  This lead to rheumatic fever, heart murmurs, enlarged heart, anemia, on going constant ear and throat infections, asthma, gastrointestinal problems, constant pain in the eyes, poor memory, fatigue, colds, etc.  Then my tonsils were yanked out of me, which is a guarantee of many future immune problems. 

Contrary to medical opinion, tonsils are there for a reason, and to have them removed severely weakens the immune system forever.  To treat the rheumatic fever, they shot me with sulfa drugs (penicillin) into my butt, once a week for over a year.  We now know that sulfa drugs leave a plastic-like film over the stomach, small intestines and colon.[1]  This severely inhibits digestion and assimilation, and explains why I have been so thin all my life. My condition was so severe that I not expected to live past 40.

100% of all those problems were caused by poor diet, but of course, I did not know that then.  Years later a tumor developed in my upper gums.  This was caused by root canals, but back then, I didn’t know that.  I had surgery, which saved my life but it also left me with a fatigue such as I had never known before.  It also left me with such a poor memory that there were times when I did not know who I was, where I lived, what I was doing sitting at my desk, or whether or not I was married, or where I lived.  That was a bit concerning. 

It was 1984 and out of desperation I decided to do a colon cleanse using a very common colon cleanse found in most health food stores.  It claimed “No Cleansing Reactions” which, I discovered later, was a sure sign that it was such a weak cleanse that it could not remove toxins.  After almost two months on this cleanse I was worse than ever, tired and depressed and without a single positive result. I threw the rest of the products into the garbage, thinking that if this was what colon cleansing was all about I wanted nothing to do with it again.  However, an herbalist friend convinced me to try another cleanse that she knew about.  That decision changed my life forever.

It was about 6 pm, on the 4th day of this new 7-day cleanse.  I was sitting in front of the fireplace reading a book, feeling just okay, when suddenly, I felt an unusual movement in by lower abdomen and my energy dropped to rock bottom.  I slumped into the chair, dropping my book and feeling so absolutely horrible that I could hardly move.  About 20 minutes went by and I felt an overwhelming urge to use the bathroom.  I was too weak to get up and walk, so I crawled into the bathroom.  It took all the strength I had left to climb upon the porcelain throne.  Just as I did, another previously unknown experience occurred – something came out of me like a tornado.  In a flash it was out and I was so surprised that I immediately stood up to examine what had come out.  I was never so shocked in my life!  There floated my colon, or at least that’s what I thought at that time.  It was almost jet-black.  At that moment I was sure that I was dying.  I assumed that my guts had become so rotten that gravity just pulled them out.  No wonder I was so sick.  I thought.  I didn’t blame the colon cleanse, for I knew it must have taken decades for me to deteriorate that much, and this explained why I had felt so horrible for the last two years.  One thing was certain, I would be dead before morning and based upon how I had been feeling for the last two years, I was truly ready to die.   

Then I thought, “Wait a minute, I’m actually feeling better.  That can’t be my colon.  I got down and looked very carefully.  Then I jumped up and went into the kitchen and fetched a pair of chopsticks.  I used those chopsticks to move things around and get an estimate of how long this critter was.  Close to 5 feet I guessed and it was firm like rubber.  It was hard to poke through it with the chopsticks.  I stirred it hard with the chopstick but it would not break apart.  I kept those precious chopsticks near my porcelain throne for the next 15 years. 

That one piece was a spectacular specimen and without thinking I flushed it into oblivion.  I regret not having saved it.  I should have had it mounted, for in my opinion, that coming out of me, symbolized a rebirth into life.  After I flushed that “thing” down the toilet I walked into the living room and for the first time in years, I got down on the floor and did pushups.  The next morning more came out.  By the end of my 7th day I had removed a total of 12 to 13 feet of mucoid plaque from my colon.  My energy had returned, my eyesight improved, I could think clearly again, my attitude jumped from rock bottom to sky high, my skin improved, I needed far less sleep and I felt a happiness I had never felt in my entire life.  I could hardly believe this transformation.

I was so impressed that I did two more colon cleanses within the next 9 weeks, and this took me to a level I never thought possible.  I had never before imagined that anyone could feel so wonderful.  I began to notice something else even more profound; an expanded awareness of things not normally seen or discussed by very many people.  First, I could see things that go completely unnoticed by most people, and I had never been aware of them before; things on a spiritual level is the only way I can describe them, but what really is spiritual?  Perhaps it would be better to say, interdimensional. 

It was June of 1984, 3 or 4 days after I completed my 3rd mini-cleanse (compared to what was coming).  I was looking out the window admiring the awesome view of snowy Mt. Shasta.  I had been pondering over my new founded energy, which was so intense that I was a bit out of sorts.  I didn’t know how to deal with having that much energy.  Then it hit me, climb the mountain.  But I was totally out of shape, at least I thought I must be, for I had had no exercise for two years and I was still coming off the cleanse, and eating nothing but organic Perlette Grapes, which were at their peak.  That was all I was eating.  Back in those days, 1984, they picked the grapes riper than they do now and they were so incredibly good and nourishing that it was easy to eat nothing but grapes.  Even though it was already past noon, I made the decision to make the climb

I quickly put on my shorts and tennis shoes, washed up a bunch of grapes, grabbed a sweater, knowing that it would be cold at the 14,000-foot level and packed everything into my little backpack and ran out the door to the car.  It was 2 pm when I parked my car at Ski Bowl.  I began my hike and feeling so spectacular, I gave no more thoughts to being so out of shape.

When I got to the 9,000-foot level I stopped to talk to a woman who was camping up in the rocks.  That was when I had another new experience.  This was called love.  As I was talking with her I noticed that I had immense love for her, and there were no judgments, only love.  As I looked around I felt that same love for everything I looked at.  “What is this?.”  I wondered with absolute awe.  We must have talked for 20 minutes.  Later, I met some other people and I had the same incredible feeling.  Total, before I reached the top of the peak, I must have talked for over an hour with a number of hikers.  Finally I thought, hey, you do not want to be at the 14,000-foot level in the dark?  Get going.  So I took what I hoped to be a shortcut and went right up the jagged ridge that leads to Thumb Rock.  It’s a very steep rocky ridge and I didn’t know if I could make it that way.  It was off the beaten path and not considered a climbers route.  Sure enough, I got to a place where I could go no further, and had to climb way back down into Avalanche Gulch and then back up the normal way.  But no problem, I seemed to have infinite energy, in fact, even my out of shape legs never became tired, not even for one second.

Finally I reached the top at exactly 7 pm.  I signed the register and headed back down.  I made it down to the 11,500-foot level where I could slide down the snow on a pad I had brought. Many climbers do the same thing, as it is a quick and fun way to make a 2,000-foot drop in elevation very quickly.  After a dozen climbers use the same path, a burrowed gully about two feet deep is formed.  It’s like a toboggan shoot, and I carefully got into that shoot, positioned myself, sat on my pad and let go.  In seconds I was doing about 30 miles per hour.  At times during a turn, I would literally fly up and out of the shoot and tumble down on the snow for about 40 feet till I stopped.  Then I would get back into the shoot and drop another several hundred feet, before I would be flung out again.  It was exciting and lots of fun.  I was the only one up there and the snow was getting hard as the sun was getting low over the mountains to the west.  Soon I stood upon a pile of rocks overlooking Helen Lake at the 10,000-foot level and the Strawberry Valley below, and the vast mountains to the west that reached the Pacific Ocean 

As I stood there, I could feel my energy field, we sometimes called the aura.  In fact, I could see this field.  This was another new experience for me.  It was about 40 feet in diameter and it was intense and pulsated with about 2 or 3 seconds intervals.  I truly marveled at this experience and my newly discovered awareness. 

Later I would wonder if this energy was the same that Rob Webb had tapped into.  He is a friend of mine who had set the world’s record climbing Mt. Shasta; a record that has never been beaten.  He had broken the old record that held for over 50 years.  Rob beat that record by over an hour.  It would be another 12 or 14 years later, at the age of 40, he set another world record for elevation gain in a 24-hour period.  He would climb Mt. Shasta 5 times in 24 hours and the next year, he beat his record by climbing it 6 times.  The next day he came into my office and told me that he was convinced that he could climb it 7 times.  I asked him how tired he was after climbing it 6 times and having no sleep for over 30 hours.  He said that he never felt tired at all and had a party that night that lasted till after midnight.  I was certain that he had tapped the inner energy field like I had done.  Rob was also an avid user of my cleansing products.

He and I talked about energy and I told him that when I had climbed Mt. Shasta in 1984, upon returning to my car, I had the same amount of energy that I had, before I climbed the mountain.  It was as though, via our new founded purity, that we were able to tap into the universal energy field that is now called the Unified Field or Zero Point, which is infinite energy.  Could that have also accounted for my increased awareness of everything around me?  Later, Quantum Physics would find that this infinite energy field was conscious, and that was the point when thousands of atheist scientists were not longer atheist.  That finding changed science and will undoubtedly, in time, will change the world. 

I believe that purification of our bodies was the key that opened Rob and I to that amazing, I mean truly amazing energy field.  And that field being conscious may have been linked to my expansion of awareness that had increased in me so profoundly.  Truly, I could actually see things that I had never been able to see before, and I knew things that just popped in, and I was aware of things that are truly amazing.

After I left Helen Lake at the 10,500-foot level, I ran all way back to the car.  As I was getting into the car I marveled that I had the same amount of energy as when I started the climb.  I was not tired one bit.

In summary, I believed then and still do, that when our bodies and minds reach a certain state of purity, we open ourselves to realms of energy, consciousness and awareness that are truly wondrous.  It truly helps us become aware of who or what we truly are, which is indeed, connected to the Unified Field.  I believe that it is then that we begin to know our selves, as something far more wonderful than what is commonly experienced.

Well, what do you know; I just talked myself in doing another cleanse.  Want to join me?

[1] This is a plastic-like substance and very difficult to remove.   It interferes with normal digestion and assimilation.  It causes malnutrition, and everyone I’ve seen who has this condition is always very skinny or overweight.  They become over weight because they become so toxic that the body accumulate fats to protect the tissues from the toxins.  The thin people, who are not so toxic, cannot put on weight no matter what they do.  They all have more health problems than most people.  Now you know why I am so thin.  This condition can easily be seen in the iris of the eyes.  Look for a rust color in the stomach, small intestines and colon area of your eyes.  Sometimes we see it in other organs too.  It can be light to very dark rust color.